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Pricing and Policies

One all white male with dark ruby eyes and 2 cinnacot pinto males all 8.5 weeks old. Ready to go. 25$Back to school discount until 8/7/13. One female as well identical to father who was last years Junior Male Champion at Hedgehog Fest 2012.  pictures on demand email 
Labor day visits available. Bring your baby home now!

5 babies at 4 weeks old available for deposit. choclate pinto reverse chocolate pinto available. Act now  these are all girls!

190$- red eyes like albino M or F

200$dark ruby eyes or dark eyes with light spotting in Cinnacot range (M only available)

210 male hgedgehog with dark eyes and dark markings

215$female with dark markings

father was all dark with small pinto patvhed

 We reserve the right to place the animals in the color category that we see fit, this is just a guideline.
Individual animals may be priced higher or lower than noted here and can change without notice. Deposits are 75$unless otherwise noted

 Color  Males
 Albino - This is the absence of any pigmentation. Quills and skin are white, eyes are red and nose is pink.  170$  170$
 Apricot & Cinnacot - This color range includes: pale apricot, apricot, champagne, cinnacot and cinnamon 
 200$  200$
 Reverse pintos. These are more than uber pintos. They are all white with only a few banded quills or a small patch of banded quills and may have either dark or red eyes. Some look very much like albinos. Pricing varies according to banding and eye color  190$for red eyes
200$for dark eyes and qulls
 190$for red eyes
215$for dark eyes and quills
 brown and chococot (chocolate/cinnacot borderline)  200$  225$
 Dark  - This color range includes: standard or chocolate, Gray
, Dark Gray and Black
(very rare)
 225$  250$
 Snowflakes  -
This is not actually a color, but a pattern.  If the number of white quills are under 70% their pricing is based on the predominant color.
See base color for price
 See base color for price
 Snowflakes & Whites -
This is not actually a color, but a pattern.  If the number of white quills make up more than 70% of the total quills, we consider these a "high-white snow" or a white. It can take up to 6 months for this color to fully manifest.
This price only applies to high whites
 225$  250$
 Uber Pinto - This is another pattern and is a form of albinism. If an animal has more than 50% white quills or has unusual pinto markings we consider this an "Uber" pinto.  200$  225$
 Split Face Pinto - Half white and half dark face, Very rare!  275$  300$

Allegria, one of our split faced pintos, annointing!

Patriot Pogs Policies


Patriot Pogs  retains partial ownership of all babies sold. When you purchase a Patriot Pogs Hedgehog, you are responsible for all care costs including housing, feeding, veterinary care, etc. However, if at any time you decide a hedgehog is not the right pet for you or circumstances change, the hedgehog MUST be returned to us at buyers expense/time. You may not sell or give away your hedgehog! Failure to comply with this condition can result in legal action. While this may sound harsh, we do this to ensure that the hedgehog we helped to create is always properly cared for and loved.


Prices vary by sex and color and are listed on our "available babies" page. Prices range from 170$to 350$  ( 150$to 250$after June 15h)
(Some rare individuals may be priced higher) Prices may change without notice.

Deposits- DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE (its in caps so no one misses it sorry)
We do prefer that you come and pick out your baby in person rather than from a photograph, each hedgehog is an individual and has it’s own personality. Depending on you and the hedgies, some may be more compatible than others for you. We do understand that some people cannot make the trip to come and choose a baby and then return to pick up a few weeks later. Also, for some individuals color or pattern is a higher priority than temperament. For those people we offer to hold the baby of your choice with the following deposit policy:

Once the baby photos are posted saying “available for deposit”, we will require a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve a hedgehog. As of 12/1/2010, deposits will be 75$.  Let us know which one you would like, and then we will e-mail you to let you know when your deposit is due. You have  3 days to get the deposit to me to reserve the hedgehog. Your deposit will hold your baby to2 weeks past  weaning age (max 10 weeks of age). If deposit is placed on an animal over 10 weeks of age, the deposit holds the hedgehog for 10 days post deposit.  If you are unable to pick up your baby by 10 weeks of age, Patriot Pogs is willing to hold your hedgehog as long as you are paid in full, and arrangements are made for a pick-up date, otherwise, you risk losing your deposit and the hedgehog will be offered back up for sale. payment on pick up is cash, money order, cashiers check or pre-cleared paypal.

Once payments are received, they are non-refundable. You can however, transfer your deposit to another available hedgehog.
Please only reserve a hedgehog if you are sure that it is the right choice for you. We encourage you to visit Patriot Pogs to meet our herd to help you decide if a hedgehog is the right pet for you.

We encourage you to visit Patriot Pogs to meet, hold, and learn about our hedgehogs. We hope that this will assist you in deciding if a hedgehog is the right pet for you. Since we are a small breeder (with young children, and other responsibilities) and we operate out of our home, we welcome people to come visit, but it must be a pre arranged appointment  so that appropriate arrangements are made for our little boys.

Patriot Pogs accepts cash*, money orders, or cashier's check on pick up. Paypal is only accepted for pick up if the payment has cleared and been deposited. Checks are accepted for deposit but must clear before arrangements for pick up or delivery can be made. We do not accept personal checks  for final payment when the hedgehog goes home under any circumstance.
Payment in full is expected before any hedgehog leaves Patriot Pogs.

*Please note: If you mail cash, it is at your own risk. It is advised if you choose this method that you wrap the money with a plain piece of paper and send it Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation




Patriot Pogs guarantees that all our hedgehogs, to the best of our knowledge, are free from any health problems. All baby hedgehogs are guaranteed to be free from congenital problems (A descriptive term for a disease or condition that is present at birth. A congenital disease can be either hereditary or acquired) until 6 months of age. If a hedgehog dies before the age of 6 months, we will replace the animal at no charge (shipping or traveling costs are  the responsibility of the buyer),  if given a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian stating the nature of the problem was heredity in nature or present at birth.
Patriot Pogs is not responsible under any circumstances, for any veterinary costs you may incur upon treating your hedgehog.
Hedgehogs over the age of 6 months do not carry a long-term health guarantee. Hedgehogs that are rehomed or adopted do not have a health warranty past any accute illnesses diagnosed in the first two weeks.  
Veterinary documentation is required in all cases. If you or your vet suspect WHS ( Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome) proof must be provided. WHS cannot be proven without a necropsy and pathology reports. Suspected cases with documentatiopn from vets with hedghog experience will be delt with on a case by case basis as seen fit by the breeder. If your vet tells you your hedgehog has WHS with no proof  and you bring your hedgehog back to me, he becomes my property again. If you want my vet to treat your hedgehog, you assume all costs.
Recently a hedghog was kept in a cage that caused it to angle its head in such a way as to cause it to have balance issues and an inner ear infection causing vestibular syndrome. The owners vet called it wobbly hedgehog syndrome but did not even treat the animal with antibiotics. This hedgehog is now wheeling and running and acting completely normally. Patriot Pogs paid for veterinary care and antibiotics and the hedgehog is now fine. However, this incident has caused the need to document the fact that a vet saying Wobbly Hedghog Syndrome and not attempting to even treat the animal to entitle the buyer to a refund or another animal.
These guarantees do not include accident, negligence, injury or any treatable or communicable illness.


Since a hedgehog will not develop its true color until five months of age (after quilling when the hedgie loses it's baby quills and new quills fill in), we cannot guarantee the color of any hedgehog. We do prefer that you come and choose your pet on personality rather than color, however we can try to get you a certain color if that is what you are looking for.

For your safety and the safety of your new pet, no hedgehog will leave Patriot Pogs unless it is in a secure carrier. The carrier must either latch shut or zip completely shut (as in a cat carrier or small animal carrier). Velcro, snaps, and buttons are not acceptable as secure. If you do not have a carrier or do not purchase one on your own, let us know in advance so we can have a carrier available for you to purchase.


At this time we offer shipping out of Boston's Logan airport. The drive is over an hour each way, so flexibilty in planning is appreciated.   The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping, which includes a health certificate from the vet (53$) a carrier (15-20$) and the flight costs ( 150$and up depending on the airline).  We do not charge for transportation and do not make any profit  from shipping.

We also operate a rescue for any hedgehog in need of a home. Depending on the situation we will either rehome the hedgie with a qualified applicant, or the hedgehog will enjoy the remainder of their days with us and the other hedgies. This is for ALL hedgehogs, regardless if they were purchased here or not. We feel that all hedgies should be given the opportunity to have a happy, healthy life!



We believe that when you purchase a hedgehog, you are making a commitment to the animal that should be taken seriously. This is why we do not offer refunds. If at any time you are no longer able to care for your hedgehog, for whatever reason, we will accept the hedgehog back and will care for it ourselves or find another suitable home for it. We cannot offer any financial compensation for this service. Under NO circumstance is the buyer allowed to turn in their hedgehog to any sort of rescue, shelter, or adoption group, or sell it on Buyer is not permitted to purchase a hedgehog from Patriot Pogs to sell for profit.

People who smoke should understand that hedgehogs are very sensitive to smells, and some become very agitated at the smell and/or taste of cigarette smoke.  To help avoid potential conflicts do not smoke around the hedgehog, and always wash hands before handling.  

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